New Project in Denizli

  • 20 March 2018


    Prime Energy, which announced that it has signed a partnership with InTEC Energy Solutions company over the past few months, agreed with Bereket Energy for the installation of a solar energy plant to be built in Denizli.

    Germany-based InTEC Energy Solutions company and Prime Energy have signed a new GES project this week.

    Total power of the project to be invested in Denizli region is 14 MW. The project will firstly start at 4MW and will be delivered at the end of the year. Totally 52.335 panels and 13 central inverters will be used to invest in the Çeltikçi region. The entire engineering, installation, procurement, electrical and civil works of the project will be undertaken together with Prime Energy and InTEC Energy Solutions.

    Signatures were also signed for area preparation of the Erzurum project, which Prime Energy and InTEC Energy Solutions will jointly work with. After holiday, area preparation about the project will start. The total power of the Erzurum project is 11.8 MWp.


    The installation and provisional installation of the 3.51 MWp part of the 11 MW solar energy power plant, which was signed last month and was invested in the Sivas province, was done. The installation of the 2.34 MWp part of the project, the second stage, will be applied for the final stage and for temporary acceptance after the holiday.


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