Our Works

Solar Energy

We build the infrastructure of better tomorrows

We provide engineering, consulting and contracting services in accordance with current technology.

Our Works

Solar Energy

Prime Energy operates in all phases of its turn-key solar energy systems, from the design of its projects to putting into practice.We focus on solar PV system and energy efficiency issues, and we provide services in consulting, planning, engineering, application, operation and maintenance areas.

We  offer solutions for both the customer and the business world with solar energy for a sustainable future and renewable energy at high standards. The Epc Management service supports firms and investors to be more competitive.

According to the National Institute of Energy Research, the average duration of sunshine in our country is 7.2 hours per day and 2,640 hours per year,which means that Turkey offers more flawless radiation values than many parts of Europe. Thus, it has the opportunity to produce  about 380 million kilowatts / hour of solar energy per year.

Services we provide on solar energy;

  • Field settlement and system design,

  • Creation of project drawings,

  • Setup and localization according to the project,

  • System integration,

  • Testing and starting up systems

  • Carrying out of acceptance period,

  • Remote monitoring of the power stations for 24 hours,

  • A timely intervention for malfunctions,

  • Routine maintenance,

  • Monthly and annual reporting.