Strategic Cooperation from Prime Energy and InTEC Energy Solutions

  • 20 March 2018

    Prime Energy, which has been working in the energy transmission lines and solar power plant installation projects for a long time, signed a partnership with Germany-based InTEC Energy Solutions.

    Prime Energy, which has an important role in energy transmission lines and city electricity networks that have been going on for many years, continues its experience in solar power plant projects. Prime Energy, a turnkey service for solar power plants, provides professional services with more than 100 technical teams and machine parks.

    Prime Energy, which has signed nationally, has accelerated its efforts in the sector with its Germany-based InTEC Energy Solutions company with the agreement that we have made over the past few years in order to bring this experience to the international dimension. With national and international solar power plant installation experience, InTEC Energy Solutions provides high quality solutions designed and manufactured in Germany. Prime Energy General Manager Murat Ekici is pleased with this cooperation and aims to provide superior, qualified and sustainable value for our customers, our employees and our country in energy production, transmission, distribution, services and planning with our projects that we turn key and after installation and after sales services. . We aim to achieve faster results in our next period of studies with the cooperation we have made for this purpose. ”

    Prime Energy and InTEC, which have been operating in the solar energy sector for many years and have achieved many successful projects, have agreed on the installation of licensed and unlicensed solar energy systems in our country. This cooperation, bringing together Turkish and German engineering experience, aims to make our country investments more valuable thanks to its professional business discipline.


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